Recently, UCDD’s Relative Caregiver Program partnered with Putnam County UT Extension to hold a workshop to educate relative caregivers on how to cook for the holidays on a budget. UT Extension representatives explained and demonstrated each step of preparation.┬áThe prepared meal of turkey, dressing, green beans, cranberry sauce, and a wonderful dessert of pumpkin muffins was served during the workshop.

Each relative caregiver that attended received a gift basket filled with kitchen gadgets including a cutting board, collapsible colander, thermometer, etc. from UT Extension. RCP also provided a gift bag with food items that were served at the workshop, along with a 4- to 6-lb. turkey breast.

Thanks to the information and supplies provided during this workshop, these families will be able to take these items and prepare a wonderful meal for their families to enjoy, during the holiday season.

UCDD’s Relative Caregiver Program anticipates holding a similar workshop in Spring 2023. For more information, check back for updates from UCDD on your favorite social media channel(s).