Congratulations to Billy Rodgers/Men of Faith Tree Service for being selected to receive the $15,000 grant funding to make his small business dream a reality. Men of Faith aims to provide a recovery platform while teaching trade, to provide life skills coaching while ensuring those in recovery have employment, and to serve as a safety net.

We are thankful for the partnership with Recovery2Work and The Biz Foundry that made this event and opportunity possible!

The other three presenters – The Living One’s Workshop, SoBARity, and Social Fare – each will receive $500 toward their small business goals.

All four of these presenters pitched great ideas to help those in recovery by providing support and/or employment as part of their model. Tonight was an all-around great evening full of energy and support and we cannot wait to see what each of these groups will achieve!

Mikel Miller with Recovery2Work hinted at plans to hold the Pitch It! contest again in 2023. Further details will be shared on our social media channels as well as our website,


Check out more photos from the Sept. 26, 2022 Pitch It! event: