Infrastructure and Economic Development Grants

Appalachian Regional Commission

The Appalachian Regional Commission grant program’s purpose is to create opportunities for self-sustaining economic development and improved quality of life initiatives for the 13 Appalachian States. The first priority is economic development projects where water, wastewater, rail, etc. are provided to a locating or expanding industry. The second priority is for the provision of basic water and wastewater service in rural areas where such services are missing or inadequate. A third priority, opportunity projects, is the ability of the governor to respond to unique problems or opportunities that are presented by a community.

Grant Contact: Tommy Lee  P: (931) 979-2170  E:

Community Development Block Grant

The CDBG program promotes economic and community development through projects that align with one of the following national objectives:

  • Principally benefit low and/or moderate income people (51% or more)
  • Eliminate or prevent slums and/or blight (area must be designated blight by the local governing body)
  • Address imminent health and/or safety problems

Grant Contact: Tommy Lee  P: (931) 979-2170  E:

FastTrack Programs

The following grants are available through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

  • Job Training Assistance Program: Grant to provide funding to support the training of net new full-time employees for new and expanding companies.
  • Infrastructure Development Program: Grant provided to local governments for public infrastructure needs for new and expanding companies. TNECD will work with the local officials to identify eligible needs for a project, such as water, sewer, rail, gas, electric, roadway, telecommunications, or other site improvements.
  • Economic Development Fund: Grant provided to local communities to reimburse a company for eligible expenditures not covered by infrastructure or job training grants. The grant can help offset expenses such as relocation, temporary office space, capital improvements, and retrofitting.

Grant Contact: Megan Choate  P: (931) 476-4115  E:


InvestPrep available through Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is designed to bring to market new/improved industrial sites and facilities within the TVA territory and position communities to successfully compete for new jobs and investment. Eligible projects include but are not limited to: Property related studies, assessments, and surveys; Clearing; Grading; Drainage; Aesthetic improvements; Signage; Fencing; Berming; Landscaping; Non-hazardous structure and debris removal; Industrial building renovation or construction; and Public utility relocation or construction.

Grant Contact: Megan Choate  P: (931) 476-4115  E:

Tennessee Department of Transportation Grants

Community Transportation Planning Grant

The CTPG program provides resources that assist Tennessee communities develop transportation and land use plans for preparation of future transportation, land use and growth management issues. Eligible planning documents include: Corridor studies, Complete street plans, Pedestrian and bicycle master plans, Road diet analysis, and Transportation systems management and operations.

Transportation Alternatives

The Transportation Alternatives grant program is designed to improve access and provide a better quality of life for people in Tennessee. Eligible projects include: Pedestrian and bicycle facilities, Safe routes for non-drivers, Conversion of abandoned railway corridors to trails, Scenic turnouts and overlooks, Outdoor advertising management, Historic preservation & rehab of historic transportation facilities, Vegetation management, Archaeological activities, Storm water mitigation and Wildlife management.

Grant Contact Information

For additional information regarding TDOT grants, please contact your Rural Planning Organization (RPO) Coordinator:

  • Center Hill RPO Coordinator Silas Stoddart at (931) 476-4118 or
  • Dale Hollow RPO Coordinator Mark Dudney at (931) 476-4152 or

Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC)

Local Parks and Recreation Fund (LPRF)

The LPRF grant program provides funding for the purchase of land for parks, natural areas, greenways, and recreation facilities. Funds may also be used for trail development and capital projects in parks, natural areas and greenways. At least 60 percent of the funds allocated will go to municipal governments.

Grant Contact: Marcie Ackerman  P: (931) 476-4175  E:

Recreational Trails Program (RTP)

The Recreational Trails Program provides grant funding for land acquisition for trails, trails maintenance and restoration/rehabilitation, trail construction and trailhead support facilities.

Grant Contact: Marcie Ackerman  P: (931) 476-4175  E:

Solid Waste Grants

The purpose of solid waste grants available through TDEC is to protect health and improve environmental quality for all Tennesseans through responsive and effective oversight of waste management activities.  Eligible projects include providing equipment, training, education, and facilities to more efficiently manage the region’s solid waste.

Community Development Grants and Funding Opportunities

Arts Build Communities (ABC)

The Arts Build Communities (ABC) grant program through the Tennessee Arts Commission is designed to provide support for arts projects that broaden access to arts experiences, address community quality of life issues through the arts, or enhance the sustainability of asset-based cultural enterprises.

Grant Contact: Paige Chastain  P: (931) 432-4111  E:

Community Development Block Grant Façade Program

The Community Development Block Grant Façade program available through Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development provides funding to rehabilitate and enhance the façades of downtown buildings for the revitalization of downtowns.

Grant Contact: Matt Billings  P: (931) 476-4109  E:

Economic Development Administration (EDA)

The U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration offers a series of grant programs designed to promote job creation and retention.

  • Public Works – Empowers distressed communities to revitalize, expand, and upgrade their physical infrastructure to attract new industry, encourage business expansion, diversify local economies and generate or retain long-term, private sector jobs and investment.
  • Economic Adjustment Assistance Program – Assists state and local interests in designing and implementing strategies to adjust or bring about change to an economy. The program focuses on areas that have experienced or are under threat of serious structural damage to the underlying economic base.
  • Local Technical Assistance – Helps fill the knowledge and information gaps that may prevent leaders in the public and nonprofit sectors in distressed areas from making optimal decisions on local economic development issues. The Local Technical Assistance program strengthens the capacity of local or State organizations, institutions of higher education, and other eligible recipients to undertake and promote effective economic development programs through projects such as feasibility studies and impact analyses.

Grant Contact: Megan Choate  P: (931) 476-4115  E:

Historic Preservation

The Tennessee Historical Commission offers federally-funded historic preservation grants for projects such as archaeological surveys, design guidelines for historic districts, and restoration of historic buildings that are listed in the National Register and have a public use.

Grant Contact: Mark Dudney  P: (931) 476-4152  E:

HOME Program

The HOME Program funding available through the Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA) provides assistance to low-income families in qualifying counties and municipalities to bring substandard housing up to standard code requirements. No local match is required. Priority points based on need are awarded to each county in a regional rotation based on the length of time since last funded project.

Grant Contact: Tommy Lee  P: (931) 979-2170  E:

Tennessee Downtowns

The Tennessee Downtowns grant program available through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development helps communities utilize the Tennessee Main Street Four-Point Approach of organization, promotion, design, and economic restructuring to enhance downtown revitalization.

Grant Contact: Matt Billings  P: (931) 476-4109  E:

Tourism Enhancement

The Tourism Enhancement grant available through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development was developed to provide Tourism infrastructure resources to enhance and improve the Tourism Economic Impact in Tennessee counties.

Grant Contact: Tommy Lee  P: (931) 476-4105  E:

U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development (USDA)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development administers a large variety of grant and loan programs including but not limited to the funding opportunities below.

  • Community Facilities Loans and Grants – The objective is to improve, develop, or finance essential community facilities for rural communities. Uses include to construct, enlarge, or otherwise improve essential community facilities, such as public safety, fire and rescue, telecommunications, schools, libraries, hospitals, other healthcare facilities, etc. This may include furnishings, fixtures, and other required equipment.
  • Rural Community Development Initiative – The objective is to facilitate housing, community facility and community and economic development projects. Uses include technical assistance grants of $50,000 to $300,000 to develop the capacity and ability of the awardees to carry out needed projects.
  • Business and Industry Loan Guarantees – The objective is to create jobs/stimulate rural economies by providing financial backing for rural businesses. Uses include real estate, buildings, equipment, supplies, working capital, and some debt refinancing.
  • Rural Business Enterprise Grants – The objective is to finance and facilitate the development of small and emerging private business enterprises. Uses include refinancing, land acquisition, revolving funds, construction, equipment, access streets and roads, utility and service extensions, and rural distance learning networks.
  • Rural Energy for America Program (reap) Loan Guarantees – The objective is to provide assistance for energy efficiency improvements or purchase of a renewable energy system for operations. Uses include energy efficiency improvements, renewable energy systems, land acquisition and working capital.

Grant Contact: Megan Choate  P: (931) 476-4115  E: