The City of Algood will be purchasing the historic White Plains home. The city council unanimously approved the $250,000 purchase this week, which includes the house and 2.27 acres. The antebellum home and property has a unique history as Putnam County’s earliest center of commerce, its first seat of government and an important stop along the Old Walton Road. In 2009 it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

“I am thrilled that the City of Algood is going to acquire White Plains and transform it into a venue for living history demonstrations and experiential learning,” UCDD Historic Preservation Planner Mark Dudney said. Dudney also serves as President of Friends of White Plains, a non-profit group that formed in late 2012 to help preserve the historic home.

Friends of White Plains founder Mona Copeland and her husband, Dr. Scott Copeland, bought the property in October of 2013 before it could potentially be bought by a developer with no interest in preserving it.  Dudney said by buying the property and maintaining it until they found the right partner to preserve it, Mona and Scott Copeland saved White Plains.

The City of Algood plans to turn the home into a quilt museum and a destination for heritage tourism and education. Algood hosts the Upper Cumberland Quilt Festival annually, making White Plains the ideal venue to celebrate the art and heritage of quilt-making. City officials also stated that the home could include Civil War history and have rooms designated for educating local students.

“I am excited that the city and citizens of Algood will have the opportunity to restore and develop a valuable piece of history for not only Algood and Putnam County, but also the state of Tennessee,” Algood Mayor Kirk Dyer said.

The acquisition is the first step in making the home a museum and heritage tourism destination. Dudney plans to partner with the city to discuss how specific grants can help restore the house and make the home user-friendly to the public.

“This acquisition represents real vision on the part of Algood’s leadership,” Dudney said. “I’m excited about what the future holds for White Plains.”