Senior P.R.E.P. (Planning and Resources for Emergency Preparedness) is a program designed to raise awareness of the importance of individual emergency preparedness for Tennessee’s senior population, sponsored by the Upper Cumberland Area Agency on Aging and Disability.

The ice storm of 2015 affected thousands of people across the Upper Cumberland region. Nearly 40,000 people were without power, some for up to three weeks. Emergency personnel found hundreds of seniors ill prepared for such a disaster.

Through Senior P.R.E.P. seniors and caregivers are being educated on life-saving steps to take in preparing for various disasters. Senior P.R.E.P. brochures are available which provide information about emergency tips, items that should be included in an emergency preparedness bag/kit, how to prepare for individuals with disabilities, planning tips for pets, information about shelters and contact information for assistance during a disaster.

Senior P.R.E.P. is partnering with Walgreens to help educate seniors and their caregivers on emergency preparedness. Each Senior Day, Walgreens customers can find information about how to prepare for emergencies and items they need in an emergency kit at the Senior P.R.E.P. display table.

Join us for Senior Day on the first Tuesday of each month at Walgreens locations around the Upper Cumberland.

Senior Day includes:

  • Senior P.R.E.P. emergency prepardness information and resources
  • Display of common emergency preparedness items available at your local Walgreens during Senior Day
  • Senior Day discount on items purchased through Walgreen’s Senior Day discount program

Senior P.R.E.P.’s Sponsor a Senior initiative helps family members, neighbors and community members prepare seniors around them for the unknown. When you sponsor a senior, you can choose to provide a emergency preparedness starter kit or a full kit that includes basic supplies and resources to help seniors in the case of an emergency or disaster.

Download Senior PREP: Sponsor a Senior Flyer Here

Sponsor a Senior Brochure Insert

Senior PREP: Sponsor a Senior Flyer


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