The Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability administers the Public Guardianship for the Elderly Program, in cooperation with the Area Agency on Aging and Disability, in each of the nine planning and service areas of Tennessee.

The statewide program is designed to aid persons 60 years of age and older who are unable to make financial or medical decisions and have no family member, friend, bank or corporation willing and able to act for them. The District Public Conservator may, through court appointment, legally make decisions for the client and manage the person’s care and/or property.

An individual may request the District Conservator to serve as attorney-in-fact under a Durable Power of Attorney for finances and/or health care. This instrument should specify the powers of the attorney-in-fact and should always be “durable,” allowing it to remain in effect in case of disability.




District Public Conservator

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District Public Conservator

P: 931-476-4160


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