Legal Assistance & Ombudsman

Legal Assistance
This program is delivered through a subcontract with Aging Services for the Upper Cumberland Inc., a non-profit corporation which provides free legal assistance in specified areas of law for persons age 60 and over. The legal assistance program utilizes senior centers as contact points in each county and visits at least once a quarter. The attorney is mandated to give priority to older persons who are minority individuals, those with the greatest economic or social need, and those who are frail/disabled. The staff attorney can provide legal assistance, which may include advice, counseling, and representation, in areas of law including, but not limited to, Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), insurance problems, Medicare, Medicaid, TennCare, elder abuse, and other legal matters.

The Ombudsman program is also delivered through a subcontract with Aging Services for the Upper Cumberland, Inc. which provides advocacy services to persons residing in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes, assisted care living facilities, and homes for the aged. The District Long-Term Care Ombudsman can assist with questions about long-term care facilities, investigate complaints against facilities and assist in the resolution of problems. The Ombudsman also recruits and trains Volunteer Ombudsman Representatives (VOR) who make quarterly visits to long-term care facilities in the region. The VOR’s receive ongoing training and refer clients with problems to the attorney and the District Ombudsman.

Click here to download the Advanced Directives forms and information about these directives from this site. All forms have a special section for you to write in specific comments about circumstances in which you would not want CPR, a feeding tube, dialysis or treatment with a breathing machine. You should discuss these comments with your family and doctor so they can better understand what is important to you in receiving medical treatment.

You can use these documents to let your family and doctor know your decisions for health care if you become unable to decide for yourself. You can appoint someone you know and trust as your health care decision maker to ensure that your choice or decision is honored.

You can download the Legal Assistance Intake Form here. Please note that filling out the form does not guarantee we can provide assistance, but we will
respond to any inquiries.

Do you want to make a difference?

Are you concerned about the needs of older people?

Can you work with all types of people?

Do you like to follow problems through to resolution?

Aging Services for the Upper Cumberland, Inc.  is looking for people who are empathetic, diplomatic, and skilled communicators to be volunteer Ombudsmen.

As a volunteer ombudsman, you will be assigned to a specific long-term care facility, working to ensure that the resident’s rights are being protected.  You will help residents with problems they are unable to resolve alone.

Volunteer ombudsmen dedicate three (3) hours per week to this job.  Ongoing training and support are provided.  This could be the most challenging and rewarding volunteer opportunity you may ever have.

For more information, please call Kim Fowler at 931.432.4210.

For more volunteer and internship opportunities available through our agency, click here. 

Check back for future volunteer Ombudsman training dates or contact call Kim Fowler at 931-432-4210.


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