The AAAD serves as the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) for adults age 60 and over, adults with disabilities, caregivers, and agencies or organizations seeking information on behalf of an individual regarding services and programs to meet their needs. The AAAD/ADRC maintains a resource database containing up-to-date and accurate information about community resources. An individual may contact the AAAD/ADRC for Information & Assistance through email, personal visit or telephone (1-866-836-6678).

Information and Assistance (I&A) includes:

UCDD/AAAD is proud to partner with the Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability.

  • Assessing the needs and capacities of the individual, including home and community based services (HCBS)

  • Providing current information on opportunities and services available within his/her community

  • Linking the individual to available opportunities and services Providing follow-up calls within seven business days to clients who are referred
    to another agency

Alliance of Information and Referral Services (AIRS) is a national organization providing leadership and support to advance the capacity of I&A staff to bridge people and services. I&A Specialists are AIRS aging and disability certified and are current members.

Looking for additional answers concerning quality of life issues and the changes that accompany aging? Download the Aging and Disability Community Resource Guide here.