The Upper Cumberland Development District/Area Agency on Aging and Disability has an opening for a Public Conservator Assistant.  The Public Conservator Assistant will assist the District Public Conservator in serving as a Court Appointed Conservator or DPOA for clients.  The Assistant will provide support to the District Public Conservator with matters related to making financial and/or health-related decisions for clients; acting as the fiduciary agent regarding conservatorship services; preparing financial reports to be filed with courts; managing property; making court appearances and insuring client records and case notes are complete.  The goal is for the Assistant to become a District Public Conservator after having served in this role for a period of time.

Requirements include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in human services or related field: and
  • At least two (2) years of successful employment in a field related to public guardianship activities, such as social services, law, financial institutions, and/or health care or other related fields.
  • Within two (2) years from the date of transitioning into the District Public Conservator position, obtain certification by the National Guardian Association as a Registered Guardian.
  • Must possess proficient Computer skills; and
  • Have written and verbal communication skills

Interested applicants should complete an online application and/or submit a resume to

Equal Opportunity Employer