For those in recovery, success after treatment depends on a sense of belonging to their community. They need the community to understand that addiction is a physical dependency; not a moral failing. With employment, housing, and recovery support, the healing process can begin and the feeling of safety begins to grow.

Employment can also help those in recovery feel a degree of purpose in their lives; providing routine and structure and replacing negative choices with positive decisions. These incremental successes improve the community’s perception of individuals in recovery and fosters a sense of acceptance while reducing stigma and increasing available opportunities for successful recovery.

We offer services and support across the 14-county Upper Cumberland region including:

Helping those in recovery achieve their goals

Pitch It! January 2023

Congratulations, Joseph Flury and J&G Exterior Solutions!

Pitch It! September 2022

Congratulations to Billy Rodgers/Men of Faith Tree Service for being selected to receive the $15,000 grant funding to make his small business dream a reality. Men of Faith aims to provide a recovery platform while teaching trade, to provide life skills coaching while ensuring those in recovery have employment, and serve as a safety net. The other three presenters - The Living One’s Workshop, SoBARity, and Social Fare - each received $500 toward their small business goals.